Let’s get on the same page

by Girl

I thought I would let you know about where things are at in my life so let’s pretend that we are grabbing some coffee and having a catch-up session. Plus, this may explain few things that I talk about in my other posts that may seem obvious to me but not so much to you. But first – how cool are some coffee arts?

I was born in Seoul, South Korea and grew up in Toronto, Canada. I have my Hon.B.Sc. from University of Toronto. I am currently in Saskatoon, Canada, working at University of Saskatchewan doing psychology research assistant work. I will be moving back home to Toronto in November before I go to Adelaide, Australia to attend the BMBS program (medicine) at Flinders University in January. The program ends in December 2013 and I might stay there, or I might come back to Canada, or go elsewhere…who knows?! I hope that’s a good enough update.

Now it’s your turn! Feel free to leave a brief comment about your news (school? work? moved? married? baby?). It doesn’t matter if I just saw you today or if we haven’t spoken for years – I’d love to catch up!