First Ballroom Dance Class of the Year

by Girl

I signed up for Advanced class (Ev/Ross) with the University of Saskatchewan Ballroom Dance Club and tonight was the first class. I knew that there wouldn’t be many young people in the class because that is usually the case at this level. Not that I don’t enjoy dancing with people old enough to be my grandparents, but that isn’t at the top of my list on what I want to do on Monday nights. Good thing Renée is there…The class actually turned out to be alright. I will probably keep going.

Unlike at my previous dance studio, Viva Dance (very very good!), there is none of this going on here in Saskatoon:

And definitely none of this. As Lauren said in ‘Take the Lead‘ – “I’d kill to dance like that. It’s like sex on hardwood.“:

So back to reality – in Saskatoon (or at least U of S BDC), it’s mostly community-hall social dancing. I must admit that I was very disappointed when I arrived but I was spoiled rotten in Toronto at Viva Dance with Valentin as my instructor. I have gotten used to the way things are here and something is better than nothing. I still learn stuff. 😛 It’s not hardcore, exciting, competition-driven international style ballroom, but instead laid-back American style ballroom. I personally think international style looks way better than American style. I am slightly upset that I am not at the level that I was when I arrived here a year ago. Just checking the Viva Dance website, it looks like Valentin is back to teach classes starting September – I might go back to pick up a few classes when I go home in November! He’s my favourite.