Birthday Do-Over

by Girl

Today was my planned birthday do-over! πŸ˜€ But before anything, can I just say…how awesome is the new show, Glee? I have watched the two episodes too many times on repeat since last night. There’s likely a long gushing post coming up about Glee soon! πŸ˜›

The day started off kind of hazy but once I made a fresh cup of fair trade Peruvian coffee using the Bodum French Press, I was all set to go! Thanks to Jenn for amazing (and thoughtful) presents!

Right before I headed out the door to get a haircut, I took a before shot.

morning hair

I went to Magnolia Salon on 2nd avenue and my hairstylist was Ashley. They had a free haircut with colour promo going on, so I went in for the deal. After 2.5 hours of highlighting and toning and cutting, I had a shorter and lighter hair. After work, I met up with Shawn and I showed him my new haircut and he gave me flowers, cake, and a cherry-flavoured Larabar!


So you can’t really see highlights but they are there…I asked her to make them pretty subtle – no blond streaks! I think I could have gone shorter but I would’ve probably regretted it later. I am happy with where it is at now…I look neater? But it will inevitably be in worse shape than it is today until my next haircut, as I do not spend much time on my hair. So I will sniff in as much hair product in my hair as I can today!

When I opened the fridge, I found these! I love me some Larabars!


Since Shawn spent a pretty penny on my actual birthday dinner the other night, we went to one of my favourite restaurants that we used to make fun of, called Ding Dong. It’s across the Midtown Plaza main entrance and they have pretty good Vietnamese food. I got my favourite – “special” wonton soup. It is cilantro heaven.

wonton soup

Before out double bill date (by the way, Inglorious Basterds > Julie & Julia), we picked out my present from Toys ‘R’ Us…meet Lucille. She’s pretty adorable and she’s a baby seal. πŸ˜‰


It was a much better birthday overall. Some things may seem trivial but I really liked everything! A special thank you to Shawn who did an awesome job. πŸ˜‰ I’m going to enjoy another viewing of Glee while having cake and falling asleep…tomorrow is my ear piercing appointment with a proper body piercer followed by a visit to Sobeys and frisbee team party.