An off-day

by Girl

Sorry to complain but today was an off day for me.

It started out great because I was getting my ears pierced again. The piercing process didn’t really hurt. It actually felt pretty cool as the needle went through my ear lobe and came out the other side. The problem was that I was loaded up on coffee with no food in my system and felt a bit lightheaded the rest of the morning. Not smart – I should’ve had a bowl of oats!

I dodged the crowd at Sobey’s to get ingredients for guacamole. I think I watched a movie when I got home but I can’t remember so well…maybe I had a nap? In the evening, Shawn and I caught a ride with Caleb to go to Matt and Lauryn’s house for frisbee year end party. People brought lots of food and many of them were homemade. I was hoping that some of the new people would be there but it was the usual crowd. Even after being here for a year, and although I enjoy the company, I don’t feel too comfortable around some people and feel out of place… so I just stayed quiet most of the night.

I noticed two things tonight that have me slightly worried to go back home. One, my dog allergy has gotten worse and two, I cannot handle spicy food. Maybe living back home with a small dog like Skylar was not a big threat to my hypersensitive immune system but I can definitely notice allergic reactions to bigger dogs now. I had some salsa and casserole with habanero and cayenne peppers tonight, and I got a heartburn! They weren’t too spicy, especially compared to some of the ethnic food I used to eat in Toronto…I hope I am not going to have as severe reaction to Skylar as I am these days and to regain my tolerance for spiciness.

On the bright side, my ears are properly pierced now so I can start wearing earrings again in 8 weeks! And pole dancing stage 3 starts tomorrow with Ashala and ballroom dancing starts on Monday!

Just for kicks, here is a baby yoda dog (French bull dog):