Almost Old Lady Age

by Girl

Today is my 24th birthday! 😀

I didn’t spend it doing super fancy things but it was fun and filled with great food. I treated myself to a banana nut loaf and soy milk anniversary blend misto from Starbucks in the morning and Jenn took me out for lunch to Marquis Hall – they had sushi! Thanks, Jenn!

Shawn, in his true comp sci form, made me an iPhone app of a birthday card using my belle and boo favourites. He also took me out for dinner to The Freehouse, which had awesome food. I unknowingly ordered too many spicy food – jerk chicken kabob appetizers, spicy BBQ seafood & pepper pizza, and butterscotch crème brûlée. To cut the spicyness, I ordered a pina colada halfway through the appetizer, which turned out to be a wise move. 🙂

I have another treat coming up on Friday – getting my hair done! I think I might be ready for quite a bit change and it will be a 3-hour ordeal. But I am excited and I will post before and after pictures!

I am very grateful for birthday wishes from family and friends. Thank you everyone! 😀