Sleepless in Saskatoon

by Girl

This Labour Day has thrown me off my sleeping schedule. I should have been in bed at least 30 minutes ago but I am still up! I tried to do some gentle hatha yoga before bed when somebody unknowingly scared me half to death. And well, the shooting and screaming sounds of Call of Duty 4 isn’t really a lullaby…

Image courtesy of Saskatoon Fireworks Festival

Image courtesy of Saskatoon Fireworks Festival

A few nights ago, I saw what was probably the best fireworks that I have ever seen at the Saskatoon Fireworks Festival by the river. It was choreographed fireworks show to music.  The Archangel Fireworks show surpassed the show put on by Ruggeri Fireworks because the songs and blasts were more streamlined and the timing was better. I remembered once watching Meet Joe Black‘s fireworks scene and thinking, ‘I am going to have fireworks at my wedding’. It would probably cost thousands to put on a good show like the one the other night….how young and hopeful I was. 😛

Off I go to read Eclipse and doze off. See, even monkeys have the vampire fever.