Zumba Fever

by Girl

Before today’s post, I thought I would note that many people stumble upon my personal blog googling “sexy gilmore girls” and “asian girls”. 😕

I am *incredibly* sore today from a combination of Tara’s Fusion class and Nicole’s Zumba class last night at ClubMynx. I’ve been to Fusion before and it is great and Tara is very attentive to each person yet encourages challenging yourself. The Zumba class followed right after and the room filled up with many people too shy to stand near the front of the class. I heard one woman whisper to another, “If you think the Reggaetone class gets you sweating…this is something else.” That was a great warning of sort that I came to realize.

Nicole had tons of energy and the class was free-flowing with no awkward pauses to show you steps. She showed us what to do and we did what we can. The intensity was basically interval training with repeating sessions of high-low. The songs were entertaining and fun too. I found myself smiling a few times and having LOTS of fun. I had to take a shower before walking around outside and Tarra was surprised at how much everyone was sweating. This is what it was like for one hour!

I looked up to see if there is Zumba in Adelaide and there doesn’t seem to be. 😦 So as a joke, I thought, well maybe I will do Zumba there anyways and become certified. But seeing rather less coordinated instructors doing lower intensity Zumba on Youtube tells me that maybe it’s not such a silly idea after all. It would be hasty to decide on this after one class, so I will see how much I like it after a while.