Month: September, 2009

Weird or Normal?

There are few things that make me scratch my head.

Does pressing pots/pans onto the burner actually cook food faster? I think the potential time saved is negligible and not worth the effort.

How come my hair texture is changing? It used to be all super straight but there are few strands of squiggly hair now.

How can people be “friends” with their exes especially if they have dated intimately? Let go and even just out of respect for current partners, have proper boundaries.

Why did Grey’s Anatomy substitute Erica Hahn with Arizona Robbins? To replace the fluffiness of Izzie who will be leaving soon?

Why do people join the army if it is not obligatory? South Korea (Republic of Korea) has the 6th largest army in the world because it is mandatory for all able males between the ages 18 to 35 years to join the army for about 2 years, and be available to serve until 49 years of age. But in Canada, it’s by choice.

Why are there so many red-heads in Saskatoon? Makes me think of inbreeding.

While I am at it, why does the TV programming suck in Saskatoon? I could watch the same shows thrice a day.

How come Asian-Caucasian multiracial people look more Caucasian than Asian when they are young but grow up to look more Asian than Caucasian?

Will people that I barely know or speak to ask if they can stay with me when they travel across Australia? I would hope not.

Why do some parents ask their children for money? My parents never did and I would never do it to my children because I think it is very inappropriate, even if it is for rent. There should be no credit or debt between family members. It should not be about teaching a lesson on responsibilities – by the time they are adults and old enough to pay rent, their moral upbringing should be pretty solid.

Who knew there were significant Korean communities all across Eurasia? I know a Korean woman from Moscow who spoke Russian with all other Russians in my dance class and named her daughter Ksenia.

My across-the-hallway neighbour just gave me a freshly baked lemon loaf. It is very yummy. πŸ™‚ She said that it was a long overdue promise. I don’t recall any lemon loaf promise but I’m not going to argue.


Blog Search F.A.Q’s

One thing I love about WordPress is that it tells you how people find your blog (other websites probably do this too). So I’ve compiled some common search terms and my thoughts on them.

(Sexy) Gilmore Girls – I don’t have any info on them other than one post about how much I love them. Oh and that rather revealing picture of Lorelai that I put up (well, basically all she wears has cleavage)…good luck finding it! πŸ˜‰

Saskatoon better than Regina – In my opinion, on the contrary. I like Regina better than Saskatoon. Perhaps because it’s the capital city of Saskatchewan and gets more government money for infrastructure and tourism…? I was very impressed by their Folk Fest during my visit in August 2009.

Quinoa – I haven’t found quinoa in Sobey’s but you could probably find some at Dad’s Nutrition or any other health food/grocery store. I remember hearing that Saskatoon Moms sells them but I am not sure what that is…an online mom’s group?

Berry Barn – Although it’s too late to go berry picking, you could pick up some frozen Saskatoon berries and still go to their great restaurant. It was hard to find the location though. I tried google mapping, using the map on the Berry Barn website, and using the GPS to get to the Berry Barn but ended up in the middle of nowhere. I had to call the place and get directions from them…I would recommend this.

Asian girls – I am Asian. And a girl. So what?

Itching for School

I am not sure if it’s Grey’s Anatomy marathon, the university in full swing after the summer hiatus, or watching Shawn study but I am feeling a bit left out. I am itching to go back to school and there are only 4 months, 1 week and 4 days left until my first day of school! πŸ˜€

I bought a box of anatomy flashcards but I decided that I should properly enjoy as many “study-free” days that I have left. It’s surprisingly difficult to spend my days being carefree. Before applying to schools, I thought the waiting to hear from schools after my interviews would be the most nerve-wrecking. It was actually the most peaceful part. I had forgotten about the schools that I applied to until I started hearing back. Now that I know where I am going and when, every day passes by slowly. My heart flutters just thinking about going back-to-school shopping, de-stressing with other students, and studying until I feel like my eyes are going to pop out.

Frothy Milk Heaven

With the colder weather comes my cravings for warm comfort drinks. My favourite cold weather drink is a milk steamer. When I got a new French coffee press for my birthday, a little light went off in my head – I could probably use it to froth milk and make a steamer!

Tonight, I was in the mood for a Chai latte. So step one: prepare the tea bag in a nice big tea cup + 1 package of Splenda.


Step two: Boil water to steep tea for a few minutes before adding milk. I like my tea strong! No picture for this one because I was busy with Step three.

Step three: Pour a bit of milk in a pot (I have a non-stick pot) and put the heat on medium-high. Stir constantly with a wooden spoon until you start to see froth – do not boil!


Step four: Pour hot milk into a French press. And now the fun part – pumping! Here is my before shot. I cheated, it’s not a true before shot…it’s after 2 pumps.


And after shot. Look at all the froth! It was so much fun to pump and it didn’t take long either…maybe 12 pumps? I used skim milk so I wonder if it would froth even more with 2% milk…


Here is the end result with all the glorious steamy milk mixed with my Chai tea, which is hidden underneath the froth heaven. I might be doing this more often. It’s super simple and fun!


What to do with this thirst?

Look at this WICKEDly green slurpee! It’s Fanta Lemon Lime, but it tastes like Sprite. I just realized that all the mess behind it is in focus and not the slurpee itself. :S


I’ve been really thirsty lately, like parched! And nothing seems to relieve my thirst. It’s a such a dissatisfaction. Any tips?

I picked up something super cute over the weekend at Coles in Midtown Plaza. It was so cute that I couldn’t just have it for myself, so I bought two – one for me, one for Jenn (a fellow patron).

What better way to brighten your day than with a daily dose of cute animals and witty captions? I am going to have to burn the cat pages since I hate cats but there’s plenty of other animals to love! I plan to save cute pages and perhaps frame them and put them all over the walls in my place once I get to Australia. πŸ˜€

Less than 2 months!

I have only 56 days to go until I go home! πŸ˜€

While I can’t believe a year has already passed since I arrived in this town called Saskatoon, it was not the best year of my life. Before coming here, I was worried about everything but logistics like living situation and job prospects. Will there be good diversity of culture, will there be great food, will there be fun festivals, will there be fun things to do, will people be friendly, will I have a good time? Ha!

Shawn, who is a born and bred Prairie boy from Saskatoon (although he hates it when I point it out), did his best to reassure me that I will like Saskatoon. But very soon upon our arrival, his rosy glasses came off. Going away and living in the world outside of your fishbowl will do that to you. Things he remembered being good/great weren’t so good/great anymore. I was very disappointed day after day, although I did come across some things to keep me sane. One of those things was spin classes in November. How sad is it that I was excited for spin classes to get me through the days here?! All in all, I still have to say that Saskatoon is not my favourite city. I wouldn’t ever consider living here again. Maybe just visit.

On the upside: I am a better cook/baker than I was a year ago, I can pole dance, and I like Saskatoon berries.

Oh, Toronto, I love you and miss you. I can’t wait to go home and eat a halibut burrito at Burrito Boyz, authentic all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ at Seoul Garden, a big juicy beef shawarma at that sketchy place on Lawrence St. East, and raid all the decent sushi restaurants. I actually have friends there that I can have a good time with. I am looking forward to decent dance instructions and amazing festivals (too bad I will be missing Nuit Blanche…) November 16th can’t come soon enough…!

Shopping Spree

I’ve been spending too much money on shopping and entertainment lately. For one of Shawn’s classes, he had to get some business-casual clothes for schmoozing so it was another opportunity to go shopping at Midtown Plaza! πŸ™‚

After picking up some of his outfit at Tip Top Tailors and getting an SPC card (it paid for itself and them some!), I bought two pairs of Paris jeans at Bluenotes – my first purchase ever in this store! I no longer buy flared jeans or skinny jeans. Just straight or bootcuts for me. Bluenotes is having a good sale now – selected tops buy one get one free, selected jeans buy one get one half off. On top of all this, I got 10% off from using the SPC card. πŸ˜€

While Shawn was off getting a haircut, I had dinner at Koryo in the food court. It is the only Korean food restaurant/ vendor that I know of in Saskatoon. It’s a franchise but it’s pretty good and I actually like it quite a bit, especially the meat. I don’t care too much about the side dishes because they are not that good. But my standards in this city are pretty low when it comes to ethnic food so I don’t know if I would like Koryo if it was in Toronto.

After dinner, I scored two cute summer tops at Bootlegger. It was all tops buy one get one half off. So I got two tops originally $70 + tax for just $15 + tax. I love getting deals!! Whenever I tell myself that I must stop shopping, I either see good deals or remind myself that clothes in Australia are expensive (or so I have heard)…or am I just making up excuses?

Let’s get on the same page

I thought I would let you know about where things are at in my life so let’s pretend that we are grabbing some coffee and having a catch-up session. Plus, this may explain few things that I talk about in my other posts that may seem obvious to me but not so much to you. But first – how cool are some coffee arts?

I was born in Seoul, South Korea and grew up in Toronto, Canada. I have my Hon.B.Sc. from University of Toronto. I am currently in Saskatoon, Canada, working at University of Saskatchewan doing psychology research assistant work. I will be moving back home to Toronto in November before I go to Adelaide, Australia to attend the BMBS program (medicine) at Flinders University in January. The program ends in December 2013 and I might stay there, or I might come back to Canada, or go elsewhere…who knows?! I hope that’s a good enough update.

Now it’s your turn! Feel free to leave a brief comment about your news (school? work? moved? married? baby?). It doesn’t matter if I just saw you today or if we haven’t spoken for years – I’d love to catch up!


There was a guilty pleasure of mine few years ago called Nip/Tuck. While becoming a doctor who does surgeries only for the cosmetic value is definitely not on my list, watching the ugly glamour on Nip/Tuck didn’t bother me too much – perhaps because the drama and humour was so crisp.

The creator of Nip/Tuck is behind the new TV show called Glee. I am absolutely in love with it. I watched the first two episodes twice each and I eagerly awaited tonight for the third show. By the way, if you didn’t already know, I love musicals. It all started when I got gigs playing for school musicals. I don’t know that many of them but I am madly in love with them. For example, I stood in the rain for 90 minutes to get the lottery box seat ticket for Wicked in Toronto – which I won! When I couldn’t get lottery tickets for Rent in New York City (during my very frugal solo trip to the States), I did not hesitate paying nearly $100 for balcony seats. I am still debating whether or not I should go to see A Chorus Line here in Saskatoon.

EDIT: Shortly after publishing this post, I went ahead and bought two tickets to A Chorus Line…not cheap but it’s only money. Live a little!

So a TV show with musical numbers from theater and popular music is pretty awesome to me. πŸ˜€ I don’t want to talk too much about it because you are just going to have to watch it to see how awesome it is for yourself! But here are some previews from the first two episodes:

Honestly, I couldn’t care less if my child was a teacher/lawyer/businessman or businesswoman/doctor/the greatest politician. I would be the happiest parent ever if he or she made it on Broadway. πŸ˜‰

First Ballroom Dance Class of the Year

I signed up for Advanced class (Ev/Ross) with the University of Saskatchewan Ballroom Dance Club and tonight was the first class. I knew that there wouldn’t be many young people in the class because that is usually the case at this level. Not that I don’t enjoy dancing with people old enough to be my grandparents, but that isn’t at the top of my list on what I want to do on Monday nights. Good thing RenΓ©e is there…The class actually turned out to be alright. I will probably keep going.

Unlike at my previous dance studio, Viva Dance (very very good!), there is none of this going on here in Saskatoon:

And definitely none of this. As Lauren said in ‘Take the Lead‘ – “I’d kill to dance like that. It’s like sex on hardwood.“:

So back to reality – in Saskatoon (or at least U of S BDC), it’s mostly community-hall social dancing. I must admit that I was very disappointed when I arrived but I was spoiled rotten in Toronto at Viva Dance with Valentin as my instructor. I have gotten used to the way things are here and something is better than nothing. I still learn stuff. πŸ˜› It’s not hardcore, exciting, competition-driven international style ballroom, but instead laid-back American style ballroom. I personally think international style looks way better than American style. I am slightly upset that I am not at the level that I was when I arrived here a year ago. Just checking the Viva Dance website, it looks like Valentin is back to teach classes starting September – I might go back to pick up a few classes when I go home in November! He’s my favourite.