New things come in Threes

by Girl

I jumped at a chance to use Shawn’s mom’s car to go grocery shopping and I was determined to make it a worthwhile one…by buying way too much groceries! But almost all of them were on my grocery list that I planned out last night and wrote out twice – once as I could think of the items and the second time, organized according to food categories. ๐Ÿ™‚

First on the menu was baked macaroni and 3 cheeses (old cheddar, parmesan, and cottage cheese) as it was on

mac and cheese

It was not as good as I had hoped, especially considering what rave reviews it received from other cooks. But Shawn still inhaled it in and I packed some for leftover lunch tomorrow. It oozed with cheesiness but perhaps there was too much cottage cheese…this will require a bit of tweaking in the future.

So next was baked kale chips. I’ve read about them on other food blogs and high recommendations on allrecipes page swayed me to pick up some green kale at the grocery aisle. I made kale chips exactly as instructed and…

kale chips

I did not enjoy these…neither did Shawn. They had a funny taste to them and no matter how many I ate to try to like them, I simply could not finish even half. So I moved onto a new venture, which was sure to be no-fail – a golden kiwi!

golden kiwi

It looked like a kiwi (except a bit yellower) and smelled like a kiwi but it did not taste like a kiwi…it was much more sweeter! You’ll notice that the white center part is smaller than in normal kiwis. I personally think the center is the best part because it’s the sweetest so I was a little pooped when I saw this cross-section. But when I tasted this golden kiwi, it was so sweet like sugarcane! I put a few dollops of Stoneyfield Organic Sunday’s Best Vanilla yogurt onto sliced pieces of this kiwi.

kiwi and yogurt

Yummy! Dinner had some rocky moments but it had a happy ending. ๐Ÿ˜€