Be a Tourist!

by Girl

I’ve been in a limbo lately with idleness…well, not really. The days are getting more beautiful but I’ve been inside most of the times, it seems, because I was playing Tales of Vesperia or shopping on Etsy. So I made it a goal to get outside yesterday and enjoy some sunshine.

Shawn and I went outside and started walking towards the river. Then we decided to go to the Mendel Art Gallery to check out some exhibits and pay a visit to the Museo cafe, which was highly recommended on some online page I cannot remember. When you think you’ve seen it all and done it all, it’s good to think like a tourist and revisit places of interest!

The Mendel has a plant conservatory that is small in size but cute. There are lots of tropical plants and a little fountain. I found a (non-commercial) cotton plant with real cotton!

me and cotton

There wasn’t anything terribly exciting at the exhibits…just some paintings and an installment where you can listen to someone recounting their dreams and a whistling above that. I was more interested in the Museo cafe, where we shared a beautiful cup of hot chocolate and a warm cinnamon bun.


The baristos (?) were brewing coffees to order individually, just as I saw in Coffee Prince (a Korean comedy drama series). I would like to stop by here again in a few months for a nice cup of coffee!