Simple Things to Brighten Your Day

by Girl

You know the days when you need a little happy boost?

The weather has been pretty depressing lately but little chirpies came to visit the tree outside my window! Can you find them all?


Here are some simple things that leave me with a smile:

– Checking out the latest in cuteness at How could you not laugh at the dreaded fearsome ninja and Lord of the Rings pocket pet? Or this baby hedgehog? I have a thing for animal hands/paws so this is super cute to me!

– Browsing for people’s pictures of foods they made. If there are any that look and sound good, I add them to my online recipe box.

– Grocery shopping and visiting Farmer’s Markets.

– Youtubing the latest WCS competition/showcase clips (see Dance Post #1 – West Coast Swing) or live performances of my favourite artists, such as the one below!

While I love spending time doing the above things, I often forget that they are also time-wasters…