Bye Elmo, Hello Quinoa!

by Girl

I was super excited to pick up an Elmo TravelBug on the university grounds last month!

Then things got stressful. After reading up on TravelBug etiquettes, I realized that I wouldn’t be able to hang onto it until I return home or go abroad. The goal of TravelBugs is to travel as much as possible and if they can travel long distances over the mountains and across the oceans, then kudos to them. I had to get rid of him fast but it wasn’t that easy to find a geocache big enough for Elmo.

I held onto it nervously and carried it around everywhere in my purse. I took it to the Regina trip last weekend hoping to put him in a big cache. With Shawn’s iPhone battery on low, I located a geocache big enough near Shelby & Ryan’s place. When Ryan found the cache, we opened it up to find another Sesame Street character, Bert. So I snapped a picture of them together.

Elmo and friend

I put him into the cache and let out a sigh of relief. Elmo is in good hands of new geocachers who are travelling to the States this week. I haven’t done any geocaching for a while but I think I needed a break from it. No matter how fun it is, it’s slightly less fun to do it often. I have enough things to keep myself occupied these days…like what to do with this:


I picked up some quinoa at the Regina Folk Festival. I had heard about it being a ‘superfood’ but could never find it in big grocery stores. I am not sure how to cook it either. I put in two spoonfuls into my morning oats one day and they were quite crunchy. They reminded me of what I call ‘little bird food’ in multi-grain breads and perhaps that’s what they are! In any case, I need to look up all the wonderful things to do with this organic golden quinoa from Saskatchewan. 🙂