Tales of Vesperia

by Girl

I like playing role-playing games. It all started with sneaking into my brother’s room whenever the house was empty to play Final Fantasy X. He eventually found out, and whenever there was a hard boss, I would pause and run around to find him so that he can help me. Shawn and I had a good time playing Eternal Sonata last year, followed by Fallout 3 and Fable II during the winter. I never beat Fallout 3 but it was so much fun until it got a little too dark and scary.

Right now, we are all about Tales of Vesperia, which has a wicked opening song. It’s the game that caused Xbox 360s to sell out upon its launch in Japan. I thought with the characters looking so anime, it wouldn’t look as nice but it is very pretty to play. The main plot is beefy and there are enough side ‘quests’ to keep things overwhelmingly interesting. The first day I started a game, I played for over 8 hours and I’ve pulled a few late nights. Sometimes there are too much dialogue and not all of it is narrated, but if you have a lot of time/ patience/ speed-reading skills, it’s bearable. We are about two-thirds done the game but we will probably play through again for achievement points.

Some screenshots courtesy of IGN: