My latest favourite cuisine is…

by Girl


I had lots of Vietnamese food back in Toronto – mostly Pho – but my affinity for it has grown stronger recently. Well, take a look at the dinner we ordered the other night from The Spicy Garden (& ignore the mess):

the spicy garden delivery

We each had house special bun (a.k.a. ‘spring noodle bowl’), and an order of almond gai ding. Yum!

There’s a restaurant across from Midtown Plaza main entrance called ‘Ding Dong’, which is another Vietnamese restaurant that we love. Their bun (they call it ‘daily special’) is not as big in portion but it is a good healthy lunch for $5.99. I was in downtown for a lunchtime gym class at ClubMynx with Thea and I grabbed a daily special for me and a small wonton soup to go for Shawn. Their wonton soup is different from others I’ve had in the past…it tastes lighter and they put cilantro in it! It has brought Shawn another step closer to sharing my love for cilantro. 🙂

I’m going to spend the rest of the evening doing some housework and making chicken tikka masala for dinner. And maybe looking online to buy a nice recipe book. It’s not like a cookbook that you can get from a library but a blank book that you can write down your own recipes by hand and organize it according to type. I need to think of a better search word for it though, because so far I’ve had no luck googling ‘recipe book’. Shelby’s parents had one and Cristel’s mom had one and I would really like to start one to pass onto my kids one day.