The Hockey

by Girl

I asked Shawn, “What should I write about today?” And his reply was “Uh, the hockey?”

There was a BBQ dinner at Vern & Cristel’s tonight and afterwards, some of us went to watch Holly’s kids (Kelly, Heidi, Shae, and Brenna) play hockey. It turned out to be a pretty short game – two 20-minute periods. The game seemed simpler than full game of hockey because it was 3-on-3, and without technical rules to trip over, which was refreshing to watch.


I don’t know any of Holly’s kids very well but it was fun to watch them play. It made me a tad bit nervous to see them play without all the protective equipment, but the no-contact rule was well respected. I think watching the game tonight made Shawn want to play recreational hockey again. 🙂