Regina > Saskatoon – Explained

by Girl

Maybe it’s because we haven’t seen the worst slums of Regina, but so far, I like Regina better than Saskatoon. Shelby and Ryan live in a super nice neighbourhood in the cutest perfect house I’ve ever seen! It’s such a pretty house with lots of character and all the cool features (like patio speakers). It’s a great home for them! 🙂

Shelby & Ryan's House

We went to the Folk Fest yesterday and that was lots of fun. We watched an afternoon show and walked around. I found a vacuum-sealed bag of quinoa from a local farmer so I jumped at a chance to buy it for only $4.52! (Note: It’s very difficult to find quinoa in Saskatoon grocery stores.) One very eager man tried to sell me a sample pack of coffee for $10, which was ridiculous.

Regina FolkFest

We had samosas & chickpeas, and butter chicken from a booth called ‘Spices of Punjab’. It was so delicious but pretty spicy that it almost made me cry.

Spices of Punjab

We then watched an IMAX movie called “Sea monsters” about dolly-nosaurus or some monster. We all think they looked like penguins. Back at their house, we had some strawberry daiquiris and played card games until we were too tired that we started laughing at random YouTube videos.

The Folk Fest was surprisingly good the first day so we decided to go back again! But we fit in some fancy art gallery time, which is right across from their house and much bigger than the one in Saskatoon.

Regina Art gallery

We then strolled through downtown Regina…towards the music. Call me crazy but some parts of Regina felt like diluted Montreal.

Downtown Regina

I visited a placed called ‘The Tea Hut’ on both days that we were at the festival. They were selling Yerba Mate chai tea and it was so good! And it’s a healthy coffee replacement. So I decided to buy a pack of Carmadom Chai flavour tea to recreate iced chai tea with milk at home. I was also amused by the ‘corncup’ – it’s a plastic-looking cup made from corn!

Yerba Mate Tea

After a kabob BBQ, we drove back to Saskatoon on Sunday night. It was so much fun and Shelby & Ryan were great hosts! I hope to see them again very soon!