Taste of Saskatoon

by Girl

Before arriving here, I had never heard of Saskatoon berries. I thought it was rather cheesy & “Saskatoony” to name the berries after the city but turns out it was the other way around. My first taste of them was at Crystal’s house when she brought out a homemade Saskatoon berry pie…and it was so good! It is my favourite pie of all times. πŸ™‚

There is a u-pick farm just outside of the city, called The Berry Barn. Shawn and I had a bit of trouble navigating there, but that place was well worth the frustration to find it. The barn itself is a store and a restaurant. You can find Saskatoon berry jams, spread, syrups, champagne, etc. and their restaurant serves it up in the menu, too.

I ordered ‘The Berry Barn Burner’: homestyle borscht and buttery bun to start (not pictured), cottage cheese perogies in some wonderful sauce, farmer’s sausage, pickled beets (yum!) and green beans/carrots.

The Berry Barn Burner

I sipped on a lovely glass (actually, three lovely glasses) of Saskatoon berry lemonade all throughout the meal. It tasted very pretty!

Saskatoon berry lemonade

And for dessert…a slice of Saskatoon berry pie and ice cream, of course! I shared it with Shawn.


It was very nice and I would definitely come back here in the future! It filled me up pretty well too, so I’ll have to take it easy tonight at another new restaurant we are trying out – New Island Sushi! πŸ˜€

UPDATE: Just came back from New Island Sushi. Dinner buffet is $24.99/person but $19.99/person if you don’t get sashimi. So we ended up getting the $19.99/person deal and oh I don’t ever want to do that again. We ordered and ate so much. You need to pay up if you leave leftovers, so that added some stress to eating, which is the worst feeling ever! Food quality and service was good though. I would go back, but not for the buffet.