Construction all around

by Girl

Saskatonians say there are two seasons in Saskatoon – winter and construction. It turns out to be true, as all over the roads and campus, construction crews seem to outnumber citizens.

The building that I am working in is undergoing some serious facelift in the cafeteria for reasons unknown. Half of the “bowl” area on the campus is taken up construction crew surrounded by orange winter fences. It even cuts through a garden area. It’s not a pretty sight for people who go to the bowl at lunchtime.

Fortunately, the construction that used to be just outside of my lab window has finished. No more carbon monoxide poisoning and no more clanking! The way it wrapped up was kind of funny. Two workers (one in a blue lab coat operating a forklift) were putting stone pillars into a dumpster. One guy was clumsily working the forklift and the other guy was pointing into a dumpster to let him know where to put it. Jenn and I have a good laugh watching them. 🙂